The group therapy ... 

The support group ...

The group brings each one a whole range of manners to name the things, a variety of frames of reference, a diversity of options to face Something.



We built ourselves from the link, the first group is the family. The group is a space in which it is possible for us to revisit our communication, the image of ourselves, the link with others, in a climate of protection and permission that is given by the regularity of the participation in the sessions due to everyone’s commitment.



Objective of the group therapy in transactional analysis

  • To open the individual therapeutic work to the systemic Relationship.
  • To approach by the psychodrama the problems linked to couples, family, trans-generational links.
  • To give a boost to the individual work of psychotherapy
  • The group therapy is an essential complement to the personal development.
  • To contribute  to shortenindividual thérapies.

Who can be concerned by a group therapy ?

Any person involved in an individual therapeutic process and after a previous interview.

Participation to therapies of group

You can enter the group at any moment according to the available places.

To preserve the coherent running of the group, it is asked, after a first trial session,  a minimum of one-year commitment.

Running of the group with the transactional analysis method :


 The group therapy, or group psychotherapy, is a particularly effective plan of action to help, in the personal relation with or confronted with the other, in order to express one’s desires, one’s emotions, one’s needs, one’s difficulty, one’s embarrassment or more diffuse feelings, which are difficult to name. Finding again, in the respect for yourself and others, a spontaneousness and a creativity of expression which can be totally or partly rusty, will be for us one of the major targets here.



 The work in and with this group of psychotherapy and expression is a way of living this practice, at the beginning, without danger, with a greater serenity. This group is a group of expression for therapeutic benefits, allowing a remobilisation of oneself with others, in a respectful space, supported and protected by the secrecy in therapy. All the personal problems of life can be tackled and shared there. Here no chosen topics, what is worked out depends each time on the participants and group’s synergy.



Within this framework, to support the demonstration and the outcome by the reconnection, we will use a set of practices stemming from relaxation, theatre, family constellations, psychodrama, individual or group roleplay. The different work could be accompanied at the end of the session by the free possibility to express thoughts and emotions which you wish to share.




Practical details

 § Located in PARIS 18th

Groups can be joined at any time of the year (commitment on 10 meetings minimum), alternately with at least 2 monthly individual sessions.
A 3-hour monthly session.

  • 2019/2020 Calendar : (a choice of group 1,2 or 3, within the limit of the available places) 

                      Group 1 - 10.00 to 13.00  (Saturday) - 2020/ 2021

September 12, October 10, November 07, December 12. January 09-2021, February 06, March 13, April 03, May 15, June 05, July 03, September 11, October 09, November 06, December 11.

                      Group 2 - 15.00 to 18.00  (Saturday) - 2020/ 2021

September 12, October 10, November 07, December 12. January 09-2021, February 06, March 13, April 03, May 15, June 05, July 03, September 11, October 09, November 06, December 11.    

                      Group 3 - 19.00 to 22.00 (Friday) - 2020/ 2021

September 11, October 09, November 06, December 11. January 08-2021, February 05, March 12, April 02, May 14, June 04, July 02, September 10, October 08, November 05, December 10.

  • Fee: 90 € the session

Information and enrolment

:                                 Psychoanalyst in Paris 18th -75018

Cabinet de Psychanalyse et Psychothérapie de groupe
3, Square Lamarck
75018 PARIS

Métro Lamarck (ligne 12)


Tel : 01 42 58 37 80




La psychanalyse
  • La psychanalyse, c'est aider les gens à devenir ce qu'ils sont. " Dolto.

  • " Le bonheur est un rêve d'enfant réalisé dans l'âge adulte." Anna et Sigmund Freud
  • " Changer, jeter, c'est la même chose mais le premier est plus subtile que le second." Klein
  • " On ne perçoit dans le monde environnant que ce qu'on est soi-même, on se "projette" sans cesse dans chaque objet. " Groddeck
  • " Si vous avez compris, vous avez sûrement tort. " Lacan
  • " Dans les moments où le système psychique fait défaut, l'organisme commence à penser. " Ferenczi
  • " C'est souvent la chose la plus fâcheuse du monde que d'avoir raison. " Adler
  • " Allez mieux d’abord, on analysera ensuite si vous le voulez. " Berne
  • " Lorsqu’on ne parle pas de l’essentiel rien d’autre ne peut être dit d’important. " Yalom
  • " Nous sommes trop enclins à penser la haine dans son opposition à l'amour. " Little
  • " L’attachement est un besoin vital d’être écouté, entendu, compris et soutenu. " Bowlby


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